Another face in the Smugglers Gang:

Meet Dale!

Dale Walker is our Sales and Logistics Manager.

Dale is the smiling face your favourite stores see weekly.  He also ensures that our beer is available at all of your local spots for you to enjoy.

Dale has been in the BC craft beer industry for over 5 years. Prior to Joining the Smugglers Team in the Summer of 2019, he spent 4 years with Old Yale Brewing in Chilliwack, B.C.

Always looking for the fun way out, Dale doesn’t see the beer industry as “work”.  This is why he is always so impressively happy, charming and a bit sneaky!  He enjoys spreading his love for craft beer and making new friends along the way.  He puts a lot of miles on the Smuggle Wagon and can be as difficult to spot as that pesky Sasquatch but make sure you give him a wave if you can find him.  Dale is literally the hardest working guy a little underdog brewing company can have!

When he isn’t keeping the shelves stocked with your favourite Smuggler’s Trail brews, he enjoys playing hockey, fishing and spending time with his family.