Canoe Chase IPA

Inspired by a (probably) true story, this beer is named for a legendary escapade. 150 years ago, on the run from the British Army redcoats, a pair of gold thieves made their escape in the original Canadian getaway vehicle: a canoe. Incredibly, they out-paddled their pursuers and escaped up the Fraser River, proving that sometimes a wild risk pays off. In that spirit, we’ve dared to re-imagine the west coast IPA. Notes of bright citrus, passion fruit and mellow spruce shine through a base of moderate caramel malt. Perfectly balanced, full-flavoured, never bitter. Raise a glass to your latest escapade.

Taste Profile

Bright. Juicy. Smooth. Refreshing.


Barley, Hops, Water, Yeast

6.8% ABV 53 IBU 6 SRM
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